The Global Stakeholder Directory (Version 2.0) on Edible Insects!     This directory lets stakeholders present their current and past work on insects as feed and food. It also enables users to identify synergies on cross cutting topics such as: nutrition, livestock management, legislation, labelling and investment while facilitating networking at regional/national levels. The Edible insect programme would like to acknowledge the work done by Ms. Rena Chen, who developed the “International Entomophagist Contact Directory” and whose data was incorporated in this directory. We also acknowledge the work by Wageningen University in incorporating their previous database.
Business Opportunities Within Edible Insects 2015 – An Industry Report
The edible insect market is flourishing and there are already a number of companies out there pushing the boundaries in the industry. In fact, even though most consumers may not yet realize it, there are already edible insect products on the shelves (both physical and virtual). However, despite these amazing achievements, there is still a long way to go in order to bring mainstream business and consumers on board. So we at 4Ento are grateful to have teamed up an amazing marketing agency called Invenire to dig deep and uncover all the facts on the edible insect market. The plan…an in-depth industry report[...]