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Cuchama   Edible Insects As Part of the Traditional Food System of the Popoloca Town of Los Reyes Metzontla, Mexico    
Eating Insects in Malaysia   I had to share with you this nice work and great source of information!!!   Eating Insects in Malaysia Compilation & Photographs of Malaysia entomophagy by Arthur Y. C. Chung “Before conducting this survey, little did I know of such a variety of insects that are palatable. A number of insects are taken as food since prehistoric time. In Sabah, more than 50 species of edible insects were recorded. Unlike our neighbouring country, Thailand, entomophagy is not a common practice in Malaysia. Many of the rural and elderly local communities in Sabah, however, have experienced[...]
Most common   Tenebrio molitor: Mealworm Zophobas atratus: Giant mealworm Alphitobus diaperinus: Lesser mealworm Galleria mellonella: Greater wax moth Achroia grisella: Lesser wax moth Bombyx mori: Silkworm Acheta domesticus: House cricket Gryllodes sigillatus: Banded cricket Locusta migratora migratorioides: African migratory locust Schistocerca Americana: American grasshopper     Top 50 Edible Insects   More information here      
Constraints & Allergies   Can’t Edible insects produce allergies ?? Of course, LIKE ANY OTHER FOOD could!! & they can even be poisonous! Of course those are not Edible Insects 😉   Insects as food: a review of potential hazards and research needs BY anses (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) “The consumption of insects as food, also known as entomophagy, is a widespread practice in many parts of the world (Africa, Asia, Latin America), where it is sometimes an integral part of traditional eating habits. To meet the challenge of feeding the planet in 2030,[...]
The following are 8 Fun Facts About Insects that we have collected for you in a lovely slide deck. Did you know that insects are an excellent source of high quality protein? They are! There are probably a lot of things that you didn’t know about insects and how they are paving the way for a more sustainable food-source in our future. Let us know if you have any to add!     8 Crunchy Facts About Insects – You Probably Didn’t Know   You need 22,000 Liters to produce 1 kilo of beef, and 1 Liter to produce 1[...]
There are over 900 thousand documented types of insects in the world, but of course not all of them are edible or readily available. Below is a list of the most common edible insects (or bugs if you prefer) and why you should be trying them. Even if you do not believe insects are for human consumption.   List of Common Edible Insects This is a small but useful list of the edible insects/bugs available as products at the moment. Crickets One of the insects leading the way in the edible insect movement is the cricket. They contain a reasonable amount[...]
Have you ever considered eating an insect, even just for fun? Maybe not. What are your alternative sources of protein then? Not meat, or even fish, but something like soy or beans or even eggs? If you are a vegetarian or vegan, this is a daily concern. And even if you are not, it’s good to eat something different once in a while, right? But some people don’t have this luxury, and in the not too distant future, you might not either. How about eating insects for protein then?   The Need for Alternative Protein Sources Do you know how[...]
I may not be the next Jamie Oliver of the insect world, but I do love reading about all the insect food possibilities that surround us. There are a lot of inspirational chefs, cooks and insect lovers out there and in this post I want to give them a shout out and highlight their amazing work. I have certainly not used all of these recipes, but I look forward to your responses to these (on Twitter, or email me) and any additions you might have to the list. So without further ado, here with go with some entomophagy recipes… Roasting Tips[...]