Cricket Farming

Cricket Farming


Cricket Farming for Human Consumption

Cricket farming is a popular activity for farmers in Thailand and started in 1998. Currently around 20.000 farmers raise crickets for human consumption. Cricket farming contributes to the livelihood and nutrition base of farmers and a value chain has established through which the crickets are marketed around Thailand.

To the Mrs Yupa Hanbonsoong, Mrs Tasanee Jamjanya and Mr Patrick Durst, who wrote the six-legged livestock publication and from which most of the information in this technology sheet is used.

Cricket species to be used
Cricket farming has successfully been established with the following cricket species:

Cricket processing by a wholesale buyer in Mata Sarakham Province: (a) first washing, (b) boiling, (c) washing, (d-e) packing, and (f) cold storage and deliver to market.



Dirty Jobs – Ep15 Cricket Farmer



Life cycle assessment of cricket farming in north-eastern Thailand

by A. Halloran , Y. Hanboonsong , N. Roos a, S. Bruun

“Over the last few years, edible insect species have been heralded as an environmentally sustainable solution to current and future food crises. However, the few existing studies that aim to evaluate the environmental performance of insect farming systems are extremely limited in scope. This paper pre- sents the first case of a life cycle assessment (LCA) performed on an existing production system of Gryllus bimaculatus De Geer (field cricket) and Acheta domesticus (house cricket) production in north-eastern Thailand and compares it with broiler production in the same region.”

Available online 10 April 2017



Cricket Sizing Chart




Insects as food – something for the future?

Uppsala, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).
Authors: Anna Jansson and Åsa Berggren, SLU
Farming: Page 16 and on
PDF Download Available



Household Cricket Reactor

by Kubo Dzamba



Terreform ONE Cricket Shelter (Modular Insect Farm)



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