Ant Farming



  • Hot Sauce Made With Ants—Would You Eat It? | Expedition Raw
    by National Geographic
    “Tourists visiting Kumarakapay, in Venezuela’s Gran Sabana region, can enjoy a special hot sauce, kumache, with their meals. Restaurant owner Kendall Donals describes the process of collecting and preparing the ants and termites that go into the sauce, a tradition of the local indigenous people, whose ancestors relied on the ants for sustenance.”






  • Colombia’s Hormigas Culonas Video by brian andrews ntn24



  • Hormiga “chicatana”, un gourmet chiapaneco (video en español)
    Con las primeras lluvias de fin de mayo y principio de de junio, ayudan que la tierra se humedece perfectamente para que esta hormiga conocida en Chiapas como “chicatana”.



  • Escamoles aka Fried Ant Larvae – Why Would You Eat That?
    Insect caviar from Mexico is this week’s delicacy… or whatever you want to call it. A popular practice in Mexican cuisine is to dig up buried ant eggs, fry up the larvae and wrap it all up in a taco. Learn why anyone would want to eat this and guess what it tastes like in this week’s episode of Why Would You Eat That?


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