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How Insect Farming Helps Farmers In Developing Countries
In this post, I am going to show you how insect farming is not only revolutionizing the Western World, but also having huge impact on the lives of people in developing countries too. As many of you may have heard, Insect farming is a new trend that is sweeping the western world. It is rising from our needs for animal protein, an increasing need that cannot continue to be meet as the world population explodes. Insect farming involves raising insects for agricultural purposes and is an inexpensive solution for providing environmentally sustainable food for both humans and animals. In fact, we have covered this in[...]
Insect Recipes: Tasty Bugs For Your Next Meal
I may not be the next Jamie Oliver of the insect world, but I do love reading about all the insect food possibilities that surround us. There are a lot of inspirational chefs, cooks and insect lovers out there and in this post I want to give them a shout out and highlight their amazing work. I have certainly not used all of these recipes, but I look forward to your responses to these (on Twitter, or email me) and any additions you might have to the list. So without further ado, here with go with some entomophagy recipes… Roasting Tips[...]
How Insects Can Help Preserve Our Resources & Increase Global Food Security
Can we really afford to keep producing food the way we do today, and still provide for generations to come? Both human and animal food production as it currently stands is a very wasteful process. And when you take into account that: by 2050, food production is projected to increase by about 70 percent globally and nearly 100 percent in developing countries We need to start changing the way we approach food production, before the problems become too big to handle. It’s starting to become a question of global food security! But what are some of the issues that causing so[...]
Business Opportunities Within Edible Insects 2015 – An Industry Report
The edible insect market is flourishing and there are already a number of companies out there pushing the boundaries in the industry. In fact, even though most consumers may not yet realize it, there are already edible insect products on the shelves (both physical and virtual). However, despite these amazing achievements, there is still a long way to go in order to bring mainstream business and consumers on board. So we at 4Ento are grateful to have teamed up an amazing marketing agency called Invenire to dig deep and uncover all the facts on the edible insect market. The plan…an in-depth industry report[...]
Europe Agrees to Allow Insects as Food
Exciting things are afoot in the Insects as Food arena, especially in Europe! As you may recall from our previous article on this topic, the topic of including insects in people’s diets has been a big discussion in Europe. While more that 2 billion people worldwide already include insects in their daily diet, both the United States and Europe have concerns when it comes to allowing the use of insects as food. As we all know, there are many amazing benefits to eating insects, including comparable protein by weight to more popular options such as turkey and fish. This, along with the fact that farming insects also takes[...]
Is FAO turning its back on Edible Insects?: FAO’s Senior Forestry Officer Paul Vantomme retires!
Who doesn´t know Paul? The man behind Edible Insects to whom we look for advise and support! A personality in his own right, who has managed to create an amalgam between industry and academia, always making sure the sector will get to move forward. Well, after 25 years of FAO service, our guiding star takes his well-deserved retirement February 1st and I want to invite you to take two minutes to let him know how much his support and knowledge meant to you and your business or project over these years !! Thanks Paul for your #edibleinsect knowledge and support[...]